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Expert Mahavastu advice on how to improve your personality by harmonising the energy in your home

Your everyday exposure to everything in your environment has a significant impact on how you see the world. Therefore, it's crucial to surround yourself with energy that bring out the best in you. According to Mahavastu expert Acharya Shivani Gupta, there are many characteristics that contribute to success and a strong personality, but to mention a few, clarity of mind, high confidence, exquisite talents, and subject-matter knowledge are what help you stand out from the crowd.

According to vastu, the North East zone is in charge of giving you mental and emotional clarity. A clean mind is necessary for remarkable inventions to occur. Avoiding yellow, the kitchen, a trashcan, red, litter, and these hues in this area is advised. This area has to be tidy, and adding an OM sign can help to boost its energies.

If you don't believe in yourself, you lose the race of life twice. When you are confident, you already have the upper hand.Your self-assurance and strength come from the South of South East (SSE) zone. People often exhibit poor self-confidence in homes with toilets or cut zones in the south and southeast.

Avoid using the loo here if it has a tank underground or is black or blue. Adding red items or a red light here can assist improve your confidence since this is a fire zone. To further achieve success, one may put the medals or trophies here.

Thirdly, developing your skill set will enable you to advance in all facets of your life. The residents of the home benefit from having high skill sets when the Southwest (SW) zone is healthy. The presence of fire in the form of a gas hob or a red tint is appropriate given that this area symbolises the earth element.

A significant imbalance is created in this area by the air element of greenery, plants, toilet seats, or trash cans, and the inhabitants of such areas lack excellent abilities. Ensure that this area shouldn't be cut. To maximise your advantages, apply a yellow accent hue to this area and set up any equipment you need for your job there.

Finally, a person is regarded as a master if they are well-versed in their field. Education is often cited as the most effective tool for bringing about social change.

The West of South West (WSW) zone in vastu is in charge of providing accurate and high-quality information. It has often been noticed that residents of homes with toilet seats painted red, cut zone here, or green here in the WSW zone lack the knowledge necessary to carry out their responsibilities effectively.
The creation of a study space in this area and the addition of grey or white colours enhance its positive qualities. Placing literature relating to one's topic or line of work is advantageous.

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