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Revolutionizing Learning at KOUTILYA’s Ad-Free Platform and Global Student Discount Card Empowering Students Worldwide

Nowadays, children are easily prone to distraction as they move from one hyperlink to another, from one advertisement to the next, from one app to another, from one fantasy to another. In a broader sense, assuming you feel you understand your child, you might observe them attempting to study using apps or social media platforms. Initially, an advertisement might appear with the theme of ‘maternal affection’, but eventually, this advertisement may transform into a message about ‘romantic love’, in some weeks if not days (yes, the algorithm).

Whether transitioning from a family-oriented website to a dating platform (both being external promotional links likely within the app or study link), it doesn’t take much time to find oneself in unfavorable online circles or excessively engrossed in endless scrolling on social media. This can involve interactions with unfamiliar individuals, leading to a loss of focus.

Remember, attention has become the modern form of currency. Both you and your child need to recognize this fact to have control over how your attention is utilized. As we already are into the new academic year of 2023-2024, parents and students alike should be mindful of where they invest their focus.

Have you ever considered the possibility of a realm without advertisements, distractions, pop-ups, video game app advertisements, or links to external fantasies? Instead, envision a scenario where the focus is directed toward the comprehensive study of all subjects across all grade levels. This approach entails access to subject-specific books, solved exercises, an extensive collection of 300,000 practice questions and answers, as well as a compilation of the past 14 years of board exam papers for both the 10th and 12th grades. This resource even provides a visual analysis of previous years’ question trends, offers insights into how Board-toppers addressed these questions, supplies invaluable study notes, employs effective mind maps, offers easily digestible animated videos, and delivers content in English (with Hindi supplementation where possible).

Furthermore, it incorporates chapter-wise recorded video lessons taught by different instructors, ensuring a diverse range of perspectives for enhanced understanding. (To further enrich this initiative, we encourage teachers to submit samples of their work via links to teachers@koutilya.guru). Additionally, a collaborative student-teacher community is in place to provide mutual support and assistance.

Everything mentioned above is consolidated within a single platform, free from any advertisements – a firm commitment at KOUTILYA. This assurance ensures a clear, focused experience, maintaining an uncluttered mind and shielding from distractions. The platform is currently accessible to all children within the same household, allowing a seamless transition between classes. With a full year of availability, this implies that if your child is currently in 7th grade and progressing to 8th grade the following year, they can continue using the platform for several months into their 8th-grade studies. 

This self-directed learning Android app is aligned with the CBSE / NCERT curriculum. Nonetheless, its value extends to students all across India and internationally.

On the 76th Independence Day of India: all of this comes only at Rs. 999 /- (& not Rs. 4163 /-). 76% off is valid up to 22nd August 2023. 

Click here to enroll at less than Rs 3 per day for uninterrupted education and save money with the most powerful Discount Card.

You receive the KOUTILYA Global Student Discount – Virtual Card completely free of charge. Please note that this offer is available for a limited time only. This card stands as the most potent Student Discount Card available. Just present the card to avail discounts at over 150,000 locations spanning India, USA, Canada, Europe, and worldwide. The process couldn’t be more straightforward.

Few Examples of True Value Discounts in India:

Apollo Pharmacy:

10% discount on Medicine.

5% discount on FMCG products.

15% discount on Apollo label products.


Buy Samsung Electronics Products at Special Prices / Massive Discounts along with Free Insurance/ (/Accidental Damage Liquid Damage) / Extended Warranty /Instant Cashback & also No-Cost EMI options.

Restrictions: Only applicable for KOUTILYA Cards issued in India.

This is for enhancing a student’s productivity. A student can buy one product from each of the Samsung categories within 1 year with a valid card.


Currently 10% off * (* as of 13th August 2023) across Emirates’ expansive network with more than 140 destinations globally. The discount is only available from 16 to 31 years of age.


Up to 10 % off.

  • Buy Mac with an education discount and get AirPods.
  • Buy iPad with an education discount and get Apple Pencil.

Plus, 3 months free of Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, and 20% off AppleCare+. Click on USE ONLINE & verify to avail of the benefit.


Applicable for students, above the age of 12 years. A valid KOUTILYA Student Discount Card is mandatory at the time of check-in for verification. This discount entitles you to 6% off on base fare and an extra baggage allowance of 10kg (for bookings made 7 days in advance). Failure to produce the KOUTILYA Discount Card will result in charging prevailing fares.

Jet Brains Academy, learn at 50% off.

Jet Brains Learner Individual License.

Unity Animation:

Download the real-time 3D development platform that professionals use to create video games, animations, immersive XR experiences, and more. The Unity Student Plan includes free assets, education discounts, and learning resources to help you start creating anything you can imagine. The offer is valid for students 16 and older.


Kickresume will help you kick-start your career. The best part? If you’re a student, you can get 6 months of Kickresume Premium for free.

… and many many more value discounts.

Please Note:

The business environment keeps changing, Discounts keep changing. Please cautiously validate before purchasing for the benefits available/ being applied.

The Student Discount Card is valid for 1 year from the date of issuance.

Usually, you will get the Virtual Card activated within 24 to 48 hours. Due to the festive season, we request your patience. You would receive the activation email from activations@koutilya.guru. Any issues, please email care@koutilya.guru

The KOUTILYA CBSE app on the Google Android Play Store encompasses all grades, ranging from Nursery to the 12th. Experience the clarity, focus, and dedicated attention you wish to provide your child. 

KOUTILYA is a modest endeavor for a well-guided mind, directed towards learning and achievement.

KOUTILYA serves as an Educational Universe designed to empower students – offering a comprehensive academic journey from Kindergarten to 12th grade, Competitive Exams, Language Proficiency Assessments, Global Academic Entrance Exams, Admissions for International Studies, as well as Industry, IT, AI, and Meditation training.

As a bonus, you will receive the KOUTILYA Global Student Discount Card alongside all the course-streams provided by KOUTILYA. Educational institutions such as Schools, Colleges, and Universities are enthusiastically invited to partner with KOUTILYA, granting their students access to the capabilities of KOUTILYA and the KOUTILYA Global Student Discount Card, thereby contributing to students’ growth and advancement.

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