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The aspiration to serve the nation by becoming a bureaucrat is a dream that many harbor. However, for countless talented youth, this dream often remains elusive, primarily due to limited resources and the escalating costs of coaching. But this Independence Day brought forth a ray of hope. 99Notes, a prominent name in the IAS coaching in Delhi, India & education sector, announced its groundbreaking initiative – the Full GS Foundation Course Coaching, absolutely free for underprivileged students.

This initiative by 99Notes is unique and commendable as it opens the doors of opportunity to all aspirants, regardless of their caste, religion, or community. The idea behind this is simple – every individual deserves a fair chance.

Speaking on this occasion, Anmol Goel, the Founder & CMD of 99notes, emphasized, “Education is not just a right; it’s the cornerstone of a progressive society. While countless students in India dream of joining the bureaucratic ranks, many are held back due to a lack of resources. The evolving dynamics and the pattern of the UPSC Exam necessitates coaching. Recognizing this, on our nation’s 76th Independence Day, we’re thrilled to offer 100 seats to those most in need. This initiative is not merely about education; it’s about transforming dreams into reality.”

Mr.Goel continued, “India stands unique in offering an opportunity where anyone, from any background, can ascend to the highest echelons of power and influence merely by excelling in one examination – the UPSC CSE Exam. Why should aspirations remain just dreams? They must be realized, whatever the cost. We hope our first foray into Corporate Social Responsibility will serve as an inspiration for others to follow.”

The response to this announcement has been overwhelmingly positive. Akhil Roy, an IAS aspirant, voiced his sentiments, saying, “Coaching nowadays is akin to a luxury. The escalating costs make it unreachable for many. This initiative by 99Notes is not just a step but a giant leap in democratizing UPSC IAS preparation.”

Another student, choosing to remain anonymous, pointed out the grim reality of overcrowded coaching institutes, likening them to factories. “99Notes is now a beacon of hope. Their vision stands in stark contrast to the commercialization seen in many coaching institutes.”

Pulkit Bharti, the Co-Founder and Academic Head of 99Notes, provided further insights into their unique offering. “What we offer is not merely coaching. We’ve restructured and optimized the learning process, potentially reducing an aspirant’s journey from the usual 4-5 years to just 1.5 years. It’s not just about affordability; it’s about effectiveness.For the students who can not come to delhi can visit our portal and can get free access to Videos and Notes .

The atmosphere among the student community is palpable with excitement and hope. Numerous students came forward with their perspectives. One such anonymous aspirant mentioned, “This is the sort of intervention we have been yearning for. It’s not just about clearing an exam; it’s about leveling the playing field.”

Another student added, “The majority of us struggle with managing resources to get quality coaching. 99Notes has not just provided a solution; they’ve provided hope.”

Yet another emphasized, “For years, many of us felt that our dreams were just that – dreams. With this initiative, they suddenly feel achievable.”

In a world where quality education often comes tagged with exorbitant costs, Team 99Notes has taken a monumental step in bridging the gap between dreams and reality. As we wrap up this piece, we’re left with a resounding belief that with the right intentions and actions, the future of education in India is bright and inclusive. 99Notes isn’t just changing narratives; they’re scripting success stories. And as more and more students embrace this opportunity, India’s bureaucratic future appears promising and diverse.

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