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Rashmi M Agrawal’s “Desh Ka Salam” OUT NOW! Collaboration with Shaan Up Next!

“MUZICRAGA” Platform Unites Artists and Promotes Musical Diversity


1: Rashmi M Agrawal’s new song “Desh Ka Salam” has been released.

2: The song ‘Desh Ka Salam’ highlights the valor and dedication of soldiers 

3: Rashmi M Agrawal has earned accolades for her dedication to the art form.

16 August 2023, Mumbai: Independence Day holds a sacred place in the hearts of Indians, commemorating the hard-fought struggle for a free India. Beyond flag hoisting and speeches, it’s a day to remember those who sacrificed their lives for our nation’s independence. Today, as we celebrate, it’s vital to acknowledge the brave men and women safeguarding our borders, allowing us to cherish Independence Day in 2023.

‘Desh Ka Salam’ Out Now!

A profound saying goes, “Our flag does not fly because the wind blows it, but it flies with the last breath of every soldier who died defending it.” Our soldiers put duty above all else, leaving their families to protect us, never complaining. Let’s pledge to be citizens worthy of their sacrifice. The song “Desh Ka Salam” delivers this poignant message. It’s a heartening composition that fills us with pride for our nation and inspires action for its betterment.

Rashmi M Agrawal: A Journey of Passion and Music 

Born in Vidisha, Madhya Pradesh, Rashmi M Agrawal’s journey exemplifies her unyielding passion for music and the arts. While she began with a background in MSC industrial microbiology, her heart resonated with melodies. Her fervor led her to leave her teaching role and fully immerse herself in the world of creativity. Rashmi’s journey took her across cities like Indore, Mumbai, and Dubai, where she refined her musical skills under the guidance of Guru Aarti M Pathak, an esteemed figure in the realm of Classical and Vocal music. Her dedication culminated in earning “Bhartiya Sangeet Visharad” with First Class honors from Bhartiya Sangeet Prasarak Mandal, Pune, in November 2020.

MUZICRAGA: Connecting Through Music 

In July 2023, Rashmi launched “MUZICRAGA,” a platform that epitomizes her belief that music transcends boundaries. The name itself captures the essence: “MUZIC” representing the world and “RAGA” symbolizing India, fostering a global musical connection. This platform acts as a bridge between Indian and international artists, showcasing Rashmi’s commitment to nurturing talent and cross-cultural artistic exchange. It’s more than a platform; it’s a sanctuary for undiscovered talents and innovative concepts.

‘Orchha Ke Raja Ram’ on next Release!

Rashmi M Agrawal’s musical journey continues to captivate hearts as her latest creation, ‘Desh Ka Salam,’ makes ripples across the music scene. Amid this flourishing momentum, she gears up for her next masterpiece, ‘Orchha Ke Raja Ram,’ a collaboration with the renowned singer Shaan from the film RajaRam. With each note, Rashmi forges connections that resonate, weaving melodies that touch the soul.

A Visionary’s Path 

Rashmi’s journey is guided by an Advisory Committee of luminaries such as Manish Pawar (Movie Director), Hrishikesh Pandey (Lyricist and Composer), Anik R Verma (Director of Photography), and Manish Agrawal (Executive Producer). “MUZICRAGA” is set to unveil a diverse tapestry of songs, demonstrating its dedication to artistic diversity. With unparalleled dedication, Rashmi M Agrawal’s “MUZICRAGA” embarks on a cross-border journey, uniting souls through the harmonious language of music.

By Yashika Desai

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