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Roadies Gym: Unveiling a New Fitness Era with Karan Kundra at the Helm

Gurugram, August 21, 2023: India’s most iconic, culture-defining adventure reality show – ‘Roadies’ is taking a bold step into the fitness realm by venturing into the health and fitness genre through ‘Roadies Gym’. The new venture aims to carry forward the Roadies’ legacy of inspiration, adventure, and determination into the physical fitness domain.

At the press event, Karan Kundra, renowned Actor, shared his thoughts with the media. He highlighted the impact that the franchise Roadies had on motivating the youth of India towards embracing a healthier lifestyle. Kundra expressed excitement about the unique experience that Roadies Gym would offer to fitness enthusiasts, promising to infuse the same spirit that has made the franchise year after year a massive success.

Notably, Roadies contestants from the current season Gary Lu & Lekha Jambaulikar enthusiastically participated in the Launch Event, marking a new chapter for both the show and its fans, along with Former Roadies Contestant & current Insider Abhimanyu Raghav

Joining forces for this ambitious endeavour are Viacom18 Consumer Products and Avaeta Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. – This strategic partnership aims to revolutionize the fitness landscape by establishing Roadies Gym as a beacon of innovation and excellence.

“Roadies Gym is set to redefine the fitness experience” shared Neeraj Singhal, CMD of Avaeta Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. & Co-founder of Roadies Gyms “Introducing an innovative vision including advanced equipment, an exciting task zone, and wholesome meals. The establishment features a tranquil stream area and a team of skilled trainers, all focused on empowering members to achieve their fitness ambitions.”

“We are thrilled to announce the launch of Roadies Gym in Delhi, a one-of-a-kind experience for Roadies fans. This is a significant pivot in our expansion plans, diversifying the Viacom18 Consumer Products portfolio that brings the Roadies experience to audiences in a tangible format, in everyday life.” Emphasized by Sachin Puntambekar, Business Head, Consumer Products, Viacom18.

During the event, the spotlight shone on the initial franchise partners, who will play a crucial role in carrying forward the legacy of Roadies Gym. The brand is all set for September 2023 as the Debut Opening Date in New Delhi.

The event was electrified by a high-energy Zumba dance performance, adding an extra layer of excitement to the occasion. The presence of prominent fitness influencers added to the event’s anticipation and enthusiasm.

Among the distinguished figures in attendance, Gunjita Singhal, Director of Avaeta Healthcare Pvt Ltd., graced the platform and discussed the steadfast backing provided to their franchisees. Singhal underscored that in addition to delivering exceptional facilities, Roadies Gym is committed to furnishing operational, marketing, and sales assistance. These elements are set to play a crucial role in securing triumph for every business partnered under the franchise.

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