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Mahadhan SMARTEK’s technology significantly increase  tillers up to 10 times in Paddy Crop

National 25th August-2023: Mahadhan AgriTech Limited (MATL), one of India’s leading fertilizer manufacturers, has an innovative fertiliser for the Paddy crop, ‘Mahadhan SMARTEK’ 20:20:0:13 grades. `Smartek’ has a unique, advance NUT technology that stimulates profuse root growth leading to the healthy growth of plants and increased yield up to 10%.

Sri Venkatappa Reddy, who used Mahadhan Smartek 20:20:0:13, said that Village: Chennahalli, Taluk : Karatagi, District : Koppal. His opinion: I did use Mahadhan Smartek 20:20:0:13 for my paddy crop in the year 2022 (season: Kharif), the crop grew better as the white root growth in our paddy crop increased due to the use of paddy Smartek 20:20:0:13, the crop grew better, more tillers per plant and less grain stalk (the benefits observed by the farmers, mainly referring to the number of grains and the number of tillers observed) due to which I got a higher yield of about 3 q per acre.

Shri Revanasiddappa used Mahadhan Smartek 20:20:0:13, Village: Salattatta, Taluk: Davanagere, District: Davanagere His opinion: I used Mahadhan Smartek 20:20:0:13 for my paddy crop in the year 2022 (season: Kharif), Smartek 20:20:0:13. In our paddy crop, we had seen increased greenness, high root growth, more effective tillers and crop grew better (benefits observed by farmers, mainly referring to number of panicles, weight and grains) and obtained higher yield of 2 quintals per acre.

Shri Rudraiah D., who used Mahadhan Smartek 20:20:0:13 Village: Konchegeri, Taluk: Siraguppa, District: Bellary. Opinion: I used Mahadhan Smartek 20:20:0:13 for my paddy crop in the year 2022 (season: Kharif), I used Smartek 20:20:0:13 due to the use of Smartek 20:20:0:13 Our paddy crop had higher greenness, more tillers per plant and reduced grain shelling (benefits noted by farmers, mainly Referring to the number and weight of grains as well as the number of tillers) so that has been a high yield of about 2.5 q per acre for me.

Mr. Mahesh used Mahadhan Smartek 20:20:0:13. Village : Razala Banda, Taluk : Manvi, District : Raichur. His Opinion: I applied Mahadhan Smartek 20:20:0:13 to my paddy crop in 2022 (Season: Monsoon), due to application of Smartek 20:20:0:13 our paddy crop has more root growth, more shoots per plant. And there was less grain smut (benefits observed by farmers, mainly in terms of grain number and weight and number of tillers) which gave me a yield of about 45 q per acre.

NUT or Nutrient Unlock Technology works by increasing beneficial microbial population & biomass accumulation in root rhizosphere. The enhanced microbial activity increases organic compound in soil and thereby leads to better bioavailability of nutrients. This increased bioavailability leads to enhanced efficiency of fertilisers that is increase availability of nutrients uptake by plants.

Powered by a NUT, it offers balanced, uniform and efficient nutrition with precise dosage for Paddy Crop thereby saves expenditure on fertilizer cost, minimizes wastage of nutrients, with ease of application. This increases plant height, the number of leaves with better crop growth, increase in crop yields up to 10 percent along with the effective tiller growth which ultimately results in increased profits up to 10 times over incremental investments.

(*Based on various research studies conducted with Agriculture Universities, ICAR Research Stations, and large-scale farmer demonstrations).

Because of the unique `SMARTEK’ technology, there is profuse root formation, which results in increased effective tillers till 10 percent in Paddy crops

“It is our endeavour to support the farmers in getting better yields, good quality crops, and higher return on investments by introducing latest technology-based products said Dr. Prakash Gowda, Crop Scientist, Mahadhan AgriTech Limited, Pune.

About MATL

Mahadhan AgriTech Limited (MATL) is one of the leading fertiliser manufacturers in India. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Deepak Fertilisers and Petrochemicals Corporation Limited (DFPCL), a public listed, multi-product Indian conglomerate.

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