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Jack Leach, a spinner for India against England, will miss the rest of the Test series because of an injury

<p>Due to a knee injury, spinner Jack Leach will not be participating in the current Test series between India and England, the England and Wales Cricket Board said on Sunday, February 11. The visitors will be missing their most experienced spinner for the remaining three Test matches, which will be a major blow to England’s hopes in an exciting series.</p>
<p>England said that they would not be selecting a replacement as they already have four spinners in their lineup, including part-timer Joe Root.</p>
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<p>During England’s victory in the first Test match in Hyderabad, Jack Leach sustained a knee injury. The absence of the left-arm spinner during the second Test in Visakhapatnam was felt by England. After the second Test, Jack Leach and the rest of the team moved out for Abu Dhabi, where they spent the nine days before the following assignment. The ECB chose to wait and see.</p>
<p>But the ECB said on Sunday that Jack Leach will return from Abu Dhabi to continue his recuperation. During the first Test in Hyderabad, Leach was fielding when he crashed into the ground, suffering a knee injury.</p>
<p>“In the next 24 hours, he will take a flight home from Abu Dhabi, where the England team has been staying in advance of the third Test, which begins on Thursday, in Rajkot. Regarding his recuperation, Leach will collaborate closely with the medical staffs of Somerset and England, said a statement from England Cricket.</p>
<p>Since the spinner’s last competitive encounter was in June of last year, the first Test of the current series in Hyderabad, it has been a difficult few months for Jack Leach. Leach defied a knee injury to bat and bowl in the last innings as England defeated Hyderabad by 28 runs, taking two wickets in the first Test.</p>
<p>A lower-back stress fracture kept Jack Leach out of the Ashes last year, and it took him more than six months to get back into the mix.</p>
<p>With Jack Leach out of the picture, England’s inexperienced spin attack will consist of Joe Root, Rehan Ahmed, and Shoaib Bashir for the third, fourth, and fifth Tests. Rehan has participated in three Test matches; Hartley and Bashir made their debuts in Hyderabad and Vizag, respectively.</p>
<p>After leaving Abu Dhabi on Monday, England will arrive in India to begin preparing for the third Test, which will begin in Rajkot on February 15.</p>

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