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As Kerala Blasters make a historic return, supporters may once again be heard

<p>The Jawaharlal Nehru International Stadium was filled with mixed feelings on Sunday when Kerala Blasters FC stunned FC Goa 4-2 in an Indian Super League encounter. Fans went through a rollercoaster of sadness, optimism, and finally celebration.</p>
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<p>Just 18,357 spectators attended the game, creating a somber mood in the stadium as the home team suffered their third straight defeat. After the Blasters let up two goals in the space of twenty minutes, the atmosphere got even more depressing, and several fans left the arena. There was a shroud of darkness over the stadium.</p>
<p>However, things took a sharp turn for the better when the home team scored four goals in the second half. And when Blasters striker Dimitrios Diamantakos scored for his team’s lead for the second time, the celebration reached a fever pitch.</p>
<p>The Kerala Blasters made a tough recovery since it seemed like they had lost their path. This is an incredible comeback. However, in the second half, they played a different kind of football. In the gallery, a teenage Kerala Blasters supporter named Jake John Jacob said, “This is their best performance here ever, and that too without a key player like Adrian Luna.”</p>
<p>Blasters are now fourth in the standings after their thrilling win.</p>
<p>The spectators were treated to a visual feast. When the Blasters let up two goals in the first half, I was very dissatisfied. However, Diamantakos and Fedor Cernych’s goals turned the tide of the match, pulling the Blasters ahead of their opponents, according to Savio Dominic, a younger Blasters supporter.</p>
<p>It’s interesting to note that, despite the mediocre attendance, there was a lively mood in the stadium as Manjappada and the supporters gave the home team unrestrained support.</p>
<p>“Seeing empty seats in the stadium is depressing.” Football is a sport where wins and losses are inevitable. In a loss, supporters need to stick with the team. The effect that fan support can have is seen by the over 19,000 attendees who filled the stadium. We want to see even more supporters at the stadium for upcoming games,” Kochi-based Kerala Blasters supporter Ajay said.</p>

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