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“Indian Govt should recognize Bengali as Classical Language” – Dr. Parimal Kanti Mondal, Bongo Bhashi Mahasabha Foundation

New Delhi, February 27, 2024: The Bangabashi Mahasabha Foundation (BBMF) hosted an International Bengali Conference and Awards Ceremony at the Vishwa Yuvak Kendra in New Delhi recently, focusing on the challenges faced by Bengalis both nationally and internationally. Bongo Bhashi Mahasabha Foundation also urged the Indian Govt to  recognize Bengali as Classical Language.

Renowned figures such as Shri Tathagata Roy, Former Governor of Tripura, Meghalaya, and Arunachal Pradesh, Shri Biplap Roy Goodwill Ambassador, IIA India, Official Partner UNESCO, National and International President of BBMF Dr. Parimal Mondal, and General Secretary Dr. Shubhro Chakrabartty graced the event alongside distinguished guests from India, Bangladesh, Canada, Australia, England, and Germany.

The conference celebrated the accomplishments of Bengali speakers across various domains including art, literature, culture, healthcare, social service, entrepreneurship, management, journalism, and cinema. 


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Chief guest Dr. Tathagata Roy, the Former governor said, “Despite Bengali being the fourth most spoken language globally, UNESCO’s recognition of it as the “sweetest language” and its ancient origins dating back to 3500 BC, it is yet to be acknowledged as a Classical Language by the Indian government. This underscores the importance of uniting Bengalis worldwide under one umbrella to advocate for their language and heritage. All Sanatani Bengalis around the globe must unite and stand against injustice.”

“Indian Govt should recognize Bengali as Classical Language”, added Dr. Parimal Kanti Mondal, President, Bongo Bhashi Mahasabha Foundation.

Shri Biplab Roy, Administrative General, West Bengal and Goodwill Ambassador of IAA India, UNESCO offcial parter said, “We will have to leave aside our religious beliefs, political  ideology, color and unite for the cause of Bengali language”.

The BBMF’s primary objective is to foster unity among Bengalis across borders, revitalize Bengali culture and values, and elevate the status of the Bengali language and its speakers both in India and globally. Just as Bengalis played a crucial role in India’s independence struggle, today, talented Bengalis are making significant contributions in various fields worldwide. Thus, the BBMF aims to honor this legacy and propel Bengali language and culture to greater heights.

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