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Vicky Kaushal’s Ten Lovely Sayings About Relationships And Success

<p>Thanks to his films, Vicky Kaushal has been becoming more and more well-known. Vicky Kaushal, one of Bollywood’s most bankable actors, was bred and born in Mumbai. Vicky Kaushal has gone from being interested in cricket to being a well-known actor. His feature film debut came with “Masaan,” which was chosen for the 2015 Cannes Film Festival and took home two honors: the FIPRESCI, or International Jury of Film Critics Award, and the Promising Future prize in the Un Certain Regard category. Vicky Kaushal has asscended the corporate ladder with unwavering self-assurance and flair. If you’re a fan of Vicky Kaushal, these lovely sayings from him will uplift you.</p>
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<p>Best Vicky Kaushal Quotes<br />
People are complex, not love, and this is altering how people see love.</p>
<p>My responsibility is to give it my all; God will decide where my path takes me. I consider myself to be more of a doer than a planner.</p>
<p>I feel as if I am always surrounded by brightness and a halo.</p>
<p>I don’t become scared of expectations since I’ve worked for them. With each film, I want people to anticipate greater things from me. They should never find themselves in a situation where they are expecting nothing from me. I want to be where I can at least reach the moon if that’s what they’re asking from me in terms of the sun.</p>
<p>I’m going to continue to put in a lot of effort in the future so that the audience will continue to appreciate me.</p>
<p>When someone tells you that you deserve the wonderful things in life, it is maybe the greatest affirmation and praise.</p>
<p>You will inevitably be categorized and stereotyped, but I don’t mind that. As an actor, it’s my mission to go into new areas.</p>
<p>My motivation and confidence both increase with each movie.</p>
<p>My dad promised to always be there for me, but not as an action director. We have an agreement on that. Being a self-made guy, he is an inspiration. For my children, I want to set the same example. I’ll put up a fight.</p>
<p>Because of conditioning, we think that a hero is usually a male, although this isn’t always the case.</p>
<p>No matter what sort of civilization we build, love hasn’t changed and it never will.</p>
<p>I speak from experience when I say that messy relationships come from messy minds. Relationships are ruined by expectations and beliefs of others.</p>
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