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Five K-pop Collaborations Deserving of the Excitement: BTS Suga-Psy, BTS Jimin-Ha Sung Woon, and Other

<p>Kpop is well-known for its lively idol culture, which features both boy and female groups with devoted fan followings. In the Kpop business, the year is usually full with eagerly awaited song releases and comebacks. Even if a group’s resurgence might cause ripples, industry-wide cross-group partnerships are what really go viral. Messages of affection and enthusiasm for their favorite bands and songs flood the internet from fans. These Kpop collaborations were highly anticipated upon their debut and were the buzz of the town.</p>
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<p>BTS Suga and Psy: Psy, the K-pop icon best known for the smash single “Gangnam Style,” revealed plans to release his eighth studio album, “Psy 9th,” in 2022. The debut song from the album, “That That,” featuring BTS’s Suga, was released on April 29, 2022. The song, which Psy and Suga co-produced, was well-received by both fans and reviewers. In Billboard’s compilation of The 25 Greatest Kpop Songs of 2022, “That That” came in at number twenty. The song’s catchy melodies and stylish dancing motions won it praise. Within 24 hours of the song’s debut, 30 million views were recorded.</p>
<p>The unexpected inclusion of BTS member Suga in Kpop star IU’s 2020 single “Eight,” which was published by EDAM Entertainment in May 2020, made the song a fan favorite. Suga was a co-writer and producer of the song. The song, which presented IU as a grown lady expressing her views, was appreciated for its candid tone. Fans of BTS ARMYs and IU both like the song.</p>
<p>BTS Jimin and Ha Sung Woon, members of the boy bands Wanna One and Hotshot, worked together on the song “With You,” which was included on the Kdrama “Our Blues” soundtrack. Fans who anxiously awaited the song’s debut gave it great praise. YamYam Entertainment published the song in April 2022. On May 7, 2022, the song debuted at number 19 and number 14, respectively, on the Billboard Global 200 and Global Excl. US charts, marking Jimin and Ha Sung-woon’s first solo appearances on both lists.</p>
<p>One of the most talked-about episodes of South Korean soloist IU’s chat program “IU’s Palette” included NewJeans, a Kpop girl trio that is now gaining popularity. The two Kpop singers’ fans had been hoping for further collaborations between them, but it occurred rather quickly when Hyein from NewJeans was included in IU’s song “Shh..” from her most recent album, “The Winning,” which was published on February 20. According to fan speculations, the song examines a mother-daughter connection and has a nostalgic feel. The song is receiving a lot of attention from the fans thanks to an amazing music video. Tang Wei, a Chinese actor, makes a surprise appearance in addition to Joe Wonsun and Patti Kim.</p>
<p>Jhope of BTS is set to feature with bandmate Jungkook on the star-studded OST album that will accompany his next docuseries. Fans have taken notice of Jhope’s fourth song, “I don’t know,” which features Huh Yunjin of LE SSERAFIM. Given that it was co-written by HYBE labelmates BTS and LE SSERAFIM, the song is well worth the hype. The planned release date is March 29, 2024.</p>
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