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Srikumar Shankar’s debut film “Alpha Beta Gamma” is now releasing in theatres,  after creating a stir at the Cannes Film Festival.


This is a film by alumni of the FTII, Pune, which has evoked reactions such as…


Just imagine the situation, when a man is obliged to spend 14 days confined in an apartment with his estranged wife and her current boyfriend, during the first COVID lockdown. That is the kind of pressure-cooker environment which this love story tackles; “Alpha Beta Gamma” releases in theatres nationwide on 8th March 2024.


This commendable effort by alumni of the FTII, Pune, tackles a refreshingly new, yet universally relatable theme. It is no wonder that the film has won accolades nationally and internationally over the past three years.


Writer-Director Srikumar Shankar’s film premiered at the 52nd India International Film Festival at Goa in November 2022. “Alpha Beta Gamma” was an official selection for the festival’s Panorama Section and the audience embraced this sweet, salty and riveting relationship drama. Subsequently, the movie grabbed eyeballs at several film festivals on the international circuit, including Amerta Istanbul, The Berlinale and Cannes.


Writer-Director Srikumar Shankar says: “We have a terrific team; we are all friends, and we’ve tried to create a new, somewhat different take on an eternal theme—love and longing and jealousy. We are flattered and humbled by the love and warmth the movie has received from audiences across the world.


In 2022 the Ministry of I&B sent “Alpha Beta Gamma” to represent India in the European Film Market at the Berlin Film Festival. Later in 2022 the movie was also screened at the 75th Cannes Film Festival. “Alpha Beta Gamma” was the sole Hindi film out of the six Indian movies that were officially screened at Cannes under the auspices of the GOI. The movie got an enthusiastic reception at Cannes. 


“Alpha Beta Gamma” also won hearts at the TASVEER Film Festival organized in Washington DC in the US. “Tasveer” is the largest film fest for South Asian films in North America, and “Alpha Beta Gamma” was an official entry at this event.


In 2023, the movie’s female lead Reena Agrawal won the Best Actor trophy at the Reactor Film Festival in Austria (also as an official entry). 40 films from all over the world were screened at this fest, and “Alpha Beta Gamma” was a roaring success.


The film female producer duo Mona Shankar & Menka Sharma had this to say: “All of us, alumni of the FTII, put a great deal of effort into this film. Just as audiences at festivals across the world have appreciated the movie, I hope our audiences too will bless this offering of ours. The film’s performance on the international circuit has bolstered our confidence.”


“Alpha Beta Gamma” has a new take on an immensely relatable theme, where a school crush blossoms into love and later marriage. Ten years later the couple grow apart and decide to go their separate ways, but they haven’t yet divorced. Both partners are already in new relationships, when Chiranjeev (male protagonist) visits his estranged wife at her request, only to meet her new boyfriend at her (formerly their) apartment. But, before he can beat a retreat the COVID lockdown strikes, and the three are shut up in that flat for a minimum of 14 days.


That is when these seemingly mature adults start to behave like unreasonable kids, and the sparks fly. This is a slice of life movie with a dash of comedy. The films stars Reena Agrawal, Nishan Naniah and Amit Kumar Vasisht in the principal roles.


Produced under the banner of ‘Chotee Film Productions’ & ‘Knownsense Entertainment’, “Alpha Beta Gamma” is presented by 70mm Talkies, Samant Chauhan and Agastya Jain. Mona Shankar, Menka Sharma, Jithin Raj and Thomas Punnoose have produced the film.


For more information- https://youtu.be/TLmiOcQ9MUo

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