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DC plans to play the Giants in a triple treat

<p>Despite the Gujarat Giants’ struggles to put their act together, Delhi Capitals’ Jess Jonassen believes they can’t write them off, even if they are at the bottom of the Women’s Premier League standings.</p>
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<p>Delhi takes on Gujarat in an attempt to complete their Bengaluru leg with a third straight victory. Delhi has defeated UP Warriorz and Royal Challengers Bangalore in back-to-back games after falling to the reigning champion Mumbai Indians in the first round.</p>
<p>“Gujarat should not be taken lightly, despite the fact that they have not yet won a game. They have a few really gifted players. As several of them were my teammates in Australia, I am aware of their abilities. Before we go to Delhi, we want to win three straight,” the 31-year-old said.</p>
<p>Jonassen also thought back on her performance against the Royals, in which she starred at bat, scoring 36 runs off of only 16 balls and taking three wickets for 21 runs.</p>
<p>“I was able to locate boundaries when hitting since I received a couple of balls in my region. Also, getting a few wickets is always pleasant. It was difficult for them to attack and keep up that run pace, but we knew we had players of that caliber,” the woman said.</p>
<p>Still holding out hope</p>
<p>Gujarat will be eager to stop the decline in the interim. Head coach Michael Klinger thinks his team is “still in it,” despite the fact that their prospects of qualifying for the knockout stages are decreasing with every loss.</p>
<p>“We wouldn’t have preferred to start the competition this way. After a strong training camp, we were very sure that we would start well, but that hasn’t occurred,” he said after their six-wicket defeat to Warriorz.</p>
<p>“You don’t want to lose your first three games in a tournament. We need to address it. In order to attempt to go to the finals, we need to win at least four of the next five games. We still have work to do, but we’re not giving up,” he said.</p>

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