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With a preview of Aamir Khan’s next movie, Darsheel Safary teases his fans. What is Acknowledged

<p>After a protracted separation, popular actor Darsheel Safary is apparently planning to work with Aamir Khan again. On December 21, 2007, Taare Zameen Par debuted in theaters and quickly became popular at the box office.</p>
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<p>Famous for playing Ishaan in Taare Zameen Par, Darsheel recently posted a picture on social media. These photos are becoming quite popular on the internet. Aamir Khan is seen in the picture holding something in his hand and looking happy. Notably, Aamir’s Taare Zameen Par co-star, Darsheel Safary revealed a teaser for their next movie a few days ago. Aamir was seen with a long salt-and-pepper hairdo, looking more put together than in his previous shot.</p>
<p>Some speculated that it may be advertising, citing Darsheel’s most recent post as evidence. “We’re all just living in Aamir’s multiverse,” his caption says. Three days remain.</p>
<p>A number of people have left comments on the images. “Waiting to see you again on the big screen, love,” a person said. “My 2 favorite actors after ages,” another person said. Some fans speculated that it would include information regarding Aamir’s next movie, Sitaare Zameen Par.</p>
<p>Details on Aamir Khan’s next project were revealed in an interview from 2023. Following Laal Singh Chaddha’s poor performance, he took a vacation from movies and said, “I can share the title, but I can’t reveal much right now.” Sitare Zameen Par is the name of the movie. It is a follow-up to my earlier film, Taare Zameen Par. This movie’s primary objective is to amuse viewers.</p>
<p>“We chose the title because the theme remains the same,” Aamir said. Everybody has weaknesses as well as strengths. The roles in Sitaare Zameen Par are different from those in Taare Zameen Par. Now, instead of my character assisting the particular kid, nine males who are all overcoming obstacles are supporting me. It’s an opposite role.</p>
<p>Salaam Venky is where Aamir Khan was last seen. According to reports, he is working on a few movies, including Rajkumar Hirani, Pritam Pyaare, and Lahore in 1947.</p>
<p>Darsheel Safary, meanwhile, is well-known for his roles in the movies Taare Zameen Par, Quickie, and Zokkomon. The actor will feature in many future films, including Not Your Fault, Tibba, Kashti, and Kashmir: Enigma of Paradise.</p>

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