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Empowering Dreams: The Impact of the Yuva Unstoppable Scholarship Programme

The Yuva Unstoppable Scholarship Programme has been a beacon of hope and a catalyst for change for countless deserving students since its inception in 2018. As part of the education system in India with the introduction of school fees from Standard IX, Yuva Unstoppable noticed a worrying drop in student enrolment. The financial burden was forcing many talented and ambitious students to give up on their dreams and ambitions.

Recognizing this critical gap, the Amitabh Shah founded Yuva Unstoppable initiated its scholarship programme, aiming to support high-performing students from financially disadvantaged backgrounds. The programme is more than just a financial aid scheme; it is a comprehensive support system designed to help students concentrate on their studies without the constant worry of financial constraints. Based on the performance and results of the Standard X examination, the Yuva Unstoppable team selects the scholarship candidates.

“We have had experiences of mothers and fathers coming in desperate for any kind of help to support their children so that they would not have to drop their education. This made us as a team realize and want to set up a holistic programme of support,” said Swati Shah, who heads the scholarship programme at Yuva Unstoppable. This holistic approach includes not only financial aid but also continuous motivation and engagement activities to keep the students inspired and focused.

A standout feature of the scholarship programme has been the introduction of a mentorship initiative. Taking advantage of the lockdown situation in India, Yuva Unstoppable leveraged the availability of time among various executives and specialists, inviting them to become mentors for the students. This initiative has flourished and become an integral part of the scholarship scheme. “I took the one positive from the lockdown situation and used it to our students’ advantage. We had several executives and specialists who had the comfort of some extra time on their hands. We approached them to become mentors and guides for our students who were facing several challenges during the pandemic. Partners responded wholeheartedly, and now this programme is flourishing and an integral part of our scholarship scheme,” said Amitabh Shah, Founder of Yuva Unstoppable.

Swati Shah, with a background in corporate life, found her true calling at Yuva Unstoppable. “The stories of the children, their circumstances, their fears, and their desire to make something of themselves drive me to do even more. We as a team at Yuva Unstoppable see their success as our own, and that gives us further encouragement,” she shared. The personal connection and dedication of the Yuva Unstoppable team make the scholarship programme more than just a transaction; it is a journey of transformation for both the students and the mentors.

Samiksha Dubey, a scholarship recipient and now a team member at Yuva Unstoppable, highlighted the profound impact of the programme. “The values we learn as part of our journey with Yuva Unstoppable are immense. It teaches us gratitude, compassion, and leaves us with a sense of feeling blessed and being positive. This not only motivates us as

students to do better but to become better human beings – show empathy and become contributing members of society,” she said.

‘The Yuva Unstoppable Scholarship Programme continues to empower dreams, transform lives, and build a brighter future for the next generation’, concludes Amitabh Shah.

Brief video of how Amitabh Shah and Yuva Unstoppable empower 6M vulnerable beneficiaries including 6000 schools with improved sanitation, water, solar, sports infra, access to technology, scholarships, nutrition, removing vaccine hesitancy amongst others with 100 CSR Partners like HDFC, SBI Cards, Disney, 3M, Exide, Zerodha, Bill Gates Foundation, Lenovo, Unilever, Adani, EY, Korn Ferry, Google, Finolex, HP, Bank of America amongst others:



For CSR Collaborations connect with parth@yuvaunstoppable.org

To know more about Yuva Unstoppable, visit www.yuvaunstoppable.org 

“Empowering Ambitions, Nurturing Talent: The Yuva Unstoppable

Scholarship Programme.    #FutureLeaders #ScholarshipStories”

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