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Inspiria Knowledge Campus Drives Career Awareness to Remote Regions with Innovative ‘Career Awareness on Wheels’ Initiative

Siliguri, 25th June 2024  – Inspiria Knowledge Campus, a leading educational institution known for its innovative approach to learning, is thrilled to announce the launch of “Career Awareness on Wheels.” This groundbreaking initiative aims to bridge the employability gap by bringing vital career guidance, information on new courses, and skill development opportunities directly to students  in under-resourced areas. By reaching places where educational awareness is limited, Inspiria ensures that everyone has access to the knowledge and tools necessary to make informed decisions about their futures. The initiative emphasizes courses that enhance employability and underscores the importance of developing essential skills for the modern job market.

Bringing Education to Your Doorstep

The “Career Awareness on Wheels” van is set to visit various locations, transforming the way career counseling and education are delivered. Equipped with informative materials, interactive tools, and experienced counselors, the van will serve as a mobile career guidance center. This initiative is designed to reach those who may not have easy access to career counseling services, thereby democratizing access to valuable educational resources.

Empowering Through Skill Development

At the core of this initiative is a focus on skill development. Inspiria Knowledge Campus understands that in today’s competitive job market, having the right skills is crucial for employability. The roadshow will offer workshops and sessions on essential skills such as communication, teamwork, problem-solving, and digital literacy. These sessions are aimed at preparing students for the demands of the modern workforce and enhancing their job readiness.

Personalized Career Counseling

One of the standout features of the “Career Awareness on Wheels” initiative is the personalized career counseling provided to participants. Inspiria’s experienced counselors will conduct one-on-one sessions with students and parents, offering tailored advice based on individual strengths, interests, and career aspirations. This personalized approach ensures that each participant receives guidance that is relevant and actionable. 


Focus on Employability

A significant focus of the initiative is to introduce students to new courses that can enhance their employability. Inspiria Knowledge Campus recognizes the rapidly changing job market and the importance of staying updated with relevant skills. The roadshow will highlight new and innovative courses that align with industry demands, helping students understand the career opportunities available to them and how they can prepare for these roles.

A Commitment to Holistic Education

“Inspiria Knowledge Campus believes in nurturing talent and empowering students to achieve their full potential. ‘Career Awareness on Wheels’ is a testament to our dedication to providing holistic education that goes beyond the traditional classroom,” said Atul Gupta, Managing Trustee,  for Inspiria Knowledge Campus.

 “We are excited to take this initiative on the road and bring our expertise directly to students and parents in the region,” he adds. 


Interactive and Engaging Sessions

The roadshow is designed to be interactive and engaging, with a variety of activities planned to keep participants involved and interested. From interactive workshops and Q&A sessions to career quizzes and skill-building exercises, the “Career Awareness on Wheels” van promises an enriching experience for all attendees. These sessions are not only informative but also fun and engaging, ensuring that participants stay motivated and eager to learn.

Building a Stronger Community

Inspiria Knowledge Campus recognizes the importance of community engagement in education. By taking career guidance and skill development directly to the community, the institution aims to build stronger connections with students and parents. This initiative is a step towards creating a more informed and empowered community that values education and understands the pathways to career success.

In Conclusion 

The “Career Awareness on Wheels” initiative by Inspiria Knowledge Campus is more than just a roadshow; it’s a movement towards equal educational opportunities for all. By bringing essential career guidance, skill development workshops, and personalized counseling directly to under-resourced areas, Inspiria is ensuring that every student has the chance to reach their full potential. This initiative not only aims to bridge the employability gap but also fosters a culture of continuous learning and empowerment. Inspiria Knowledge Campus remains committed to driving positive change and supporting the next generation of learners in building a brighter future.

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