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Producer of the Sunny Deol film The Hero Love Story of a Spy, Dhirajlal Shah, has passed away

<p>On Monday, March 11, producer Dhirajlal Shah, who supported the film The Hero: Love Story of a Spy starring Sunny Deol and Priyanka Chopra, died away. Hasmukh, the brother of the director, verified the information with a reputable newspaper. Dhirajlal reportedly has a lung problem after his new COVID-19 diagnosis. Before he passed away, he was receiving treatment at a Mumbai hospital.</p>
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<p>He got COVID, and after that, he started having lung problems. We had to admit him to the intensive care unit after his condition worsened over the last 20 days. Hasmukh told The Times of India, “His kidney and heart were affected, which led to multi-organ failure.” After his passing, filmmaker Anil Sharma responded. He was called a “lovely soul” by him.</p>
<p>He was not just a talented producer but also a very kind person. In a sense, the video universe he had built was revolutionary. The Hero: The Love Story of a Spy director Anil stated, “We will miss him.” Producer Harish Sughand also recounted how the release of Shahenshah, starring Amitabh Bachchan, altered Dhirajlal’s life. According to him, the director “became the video king after he bought Shahenshah’s video rights.” He had the rights to almost every movie.</p>
<p>Manju Dhiraj Shah, Dhirajlal’s wife, and their three kids survive him. The couple had one son, Jimit Shah, and two daughters, Shital Punit Goel and Sapna Dhiraj Shah.</p>
<p>The producer has supported a number of successful movies in the early 2000s and 1990s. Among them were The Hero: The Love Story of a Spy (2003) and Krishna (1996), the former starring Karisma Kapoor and Suniel Shetty in the major roles. In 1995, he produced Govinda’s Gambler as well. Aditya Pancholi and Shilpa Shetty both appeared in the movie. In 1994, Dhirajlal produced the popular film Vijaypath, starring Ajay Devgn. Danny Denzongpa and Tabu both had important parts in the movie.</p>

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